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Book list 2018-2019

Welcome back to all of our students – we hope you´ve had a fantastic summer! 

This year is going to be so much fun, we have lots of exciting things planned so stay tuned for more details about what´s coming up!

In the meantime here is the book list for this academic year (2018-19), take a look at which books you will need for your classes. Remember, term starts the week commencing 17th September, so, see you soon!



N2       Kid´s Box     Pupil’s Book   978849036177

Act. Book         9788490366080  (Cambridge)


N3       OUR DISCOVERY ISLAND 3      libro 9788498377804

Act. 9788498377828   (Pearson)


N4       OUR DISCOVERY ISLAND 4      libro  9788498377873

Act.   9788498377880   (Pearson)


N5       HEROES 5     Pupil’s Book   9781380008565

Work Book      9780230493582  (Macmillan)


N6       HEROES 6   Pupil’s Book   9781380008572

Work Book      9780230493742   (Macmillan)


N7       NEXT MOVE 2   9781447974574  version antigua

9781292170787  version nueva    (Pearson)


N8       INTERACTIVE  (Student´s book 2 (B1))  9788483236239  (Cambridge)


N9       CITIZEN Z (B1)  English for Spanish Speakers  9788490361085  (Cambridge)


N10    OPEN MIND INTERMEDIATE (B1+) 9780230458185  (Macmillan)


N11    OBJECTIVE FIRST   9788483236888  (Cambridge)


N12    COMPLETE FIRST   9781107633902  (Cambridge)


C1       COMPLETE ADVANCED sin respuestas 9781107631069  (Cambridge


B1    (adultos sin baseEMPOWER   9788490361979  (Cambridge)

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