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¡Hola a todas/os! Desde Hyde Park queremos agradecer a cada una/o de nuestras/os alumnas/os el gran trabajo que habéis hecho para asimilar tan bien como lo estáis haciendo el cambio […]
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N2: Kid´s Box 1 (Cambridge) Pupil’s Book  9788490361771  –  Act. Book  9788490366080 N3: Kid´s Box 2 (Cambridge)  Pupil´s Book 9788490363553  –  Act. Book 9788490368978 N4: Heroes 4 (Macmillan) Pupil´s Book  […]
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As we have now reached the halfway point of our term and all of our courses are in full swing, we thought it would be a great idea for you […]
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Welcome back to all of our students – we hope you´ve had a fantastic summer!  This year is going to be so much fun, we have lots of exciting things […]
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Nowadays so many of us use social media to communicate on a daily basis, a lot of the time using emojis to convey emotions. Last week Laura´s level 9 class […]
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