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Christmas competition winners!

This week we held our famous Christmas competition, in which the students could enter poems and stories. We had some great entries from all of our students, and it was very tricky to decide on a winner!

Finally we decided on:

*Carmen (Level 4)

*Eva (Level 7)

*Jesús (Level 8)

*Cristina (Level 9)

*Ángel (Level 10)

*Alicia (Level 12)

Why don´t you take a look at Ángel and Cristina´s wonderful entries and see why they were the winners!


Martin´s Christmas

Once upon a time, in the year 1845, there was a poor family that lived in Boston, USA. It was 24th December. That means it was Christmas Eve. The youngest man of the family, a boy called Martin, was really sad, almost miserable, because he couldn´t afford a present for himself or his family, and they couldn´t either.

While he was walking along the street looking at the decoration he noticed there was another family under a bridge telling jokes and laughing. Then he understood that you don´t need money to be happy. He knocked on the door and his mother opened it.

That day, Martin´s family had a really nice Christmas Eve: they told jokes, sang Christmas songs, laughed and had a really good time. The very next day, nobody knew how, the family woke up and noticed there were a lot of presents in the sitting room. One for each member of the family!

By Ángel


An alternative Christmas

It was 24th December and it was snowing a lot. It was the time of the year that the weather got cold. People were walking through the streets with snow wearing feather coats, scarfs, gloves and strange wollen hats; they wore high boots too. Some people were with their children and dogs enjoying the snow. On some streets you could see frozen lakes where teenagers and kids were ice skating. All the toy shops were full and there were lots of mums and dads leaving those shops with lots of bags full of presents.

Trump was walking calmly between people, he knew that Christmas is the time of year when there are lots of people about. He didn´t like Christmas before he had his first son. But then, it all changed. He was enjoying the city and the snow when he saw a poor family in a corner, all together trying to get warm. They didn´t have the typical Christmas clothes. They only had a thin duvet and two hats for the kids. The father was making a fire with some wood sticks and a lighter, and the mother was feeding the young kid. Trump felt that he must help them with some food or money. He walked to the corner and said to the father:

“Tomorrow is 25th December, and no one should be like this in these conditions on this special day. So, if you want, you can come to the White House tomorrow to celebrate Christmas with me and my family.”

And that was exactly what they did.

The next day, the family turned up kindly in the house and Trump opened the door with a big smile. That night they ate all of the different types of food that they could have imagined. Then they made a snowman and they enjoyed this night together.

By Cristina

We hope you enjoyed reading them! More tomorrow!

Hyde Park XOXO

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