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Emoji email messages!

Nowadays so many of us use social media to communicate on a daily basis, a lot of the time using emojis to convey emotions.

Last week Laura´s level 9 class studied the feelings that each emoji represented, and then practised writing emails to their friends using them.

Check out some of their texts below!!


Today, when I woke up and I remembered what I had an exam, I was ?! I was at highschool, I finished my exam, I felt ?

The next hour, the teacher came 20 minutes late, I was ?. When the sound of the break happened, all my class was ?. The last 3 hours passed fast for me. I was going with a friend to my house, ? and feeling ?. My day at high school finished here. ?

See you soon,

Gonzalo García P.



Yeseterday I got up because I had to get up so I hit my brother and because of this I was ?. Then I went to school and a teacher said to me that he had to go to the bathroom and I felt a little ?. Later, I saw money on the floor and I was ? but then I saw that I didn´t have money to buy Cola-Loca, so I was ?because I didn´t drink the whole day. And finally, I felt ? because I found the money I needed to buy my Cola-Loca.



Hello Johann ?

I must tell you something that happened to me last Monday. I was  walking from school to house when I crossed with Jacke, my primary school best friend. I hid but he saw me and said hi. I said hi too and I feel embarrassed ? . Before getting into my house I decided to buy some chocolate in the supermarket. There were more that 10 different kinds of them! I was in love with all of them? . I took 5 of them and when I was in front of the woman that paid me, she was watching me with no comments face?. At this moment I felt amused?. When I reached my house, I told everything to my mum and she was crying while laughing?. It was very funny!
I hope you can message me soon and tell me one of your funny life stories. ?
See you in summer, with love:❤
This morning I was walking very ☺ to my house after I had breakfast, but suddenly I stepped on a ?.While I was cleaning my shoe the water got in my eyes. Then a man hit me in the face. I started to run to catch him.When I caught him I felt  ? .We talked about why he hit me. Then he give me 5 pounds , I felt ? because he was poor.I gave the money back to him Now we are friends and we drink beer  ?  in the bar.


I had a very bad day?. First of all, I woke up late?, so I had to have breakfast very fast. Then I ran quickly to school, but I fell down in a puddle? and I got? when I arrived at school late. After that, my maths teacher gave me an exam. I got a 10!?I am very ? because I got a good mark. When I went home, I had to do my homework, but I forgot my notebook at school?. When I was going to my English academy, it started to rain and I did not have an umbrella?.Also, I ate pizza for dinner. ? It was delicious! It wasn´t a really bad day, was it? What about you?
See you soon,
Hi, Alvaro, How are you? Today is a very strange day XD. at secondary school I didn’t have any exams and I was happy ?. But, I was very disgusted?? also, because a girl said to me: I love you much!!, and I was like: no,no??. Today my parents punished me because I didn’t tidy my room so on Friday I won’t meet you??, I am very sad and furious. However,  this day was a bit positive because I visited my cousins?? and I played Fortnite with them, you know Fortnite is my favourite game, don’t you? It’s a spectacular game. Now , I have to do my homework and I am tired ?, tomorrow I´ll see you
We hope you enjoyed our texts!
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