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Lunes - Viernes

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Expect the unexpected!

Over the past week we have been working on the element of surprise!

We decided that a good story has a beginning, a middle and an end, BUT, a great story has all of these things with the added extra of THE ELEMENT OF SURPRISE!

We studied structure and how to fit this into the story, as well as vocabulary such as SUDDENLY and WHEN.

Check out some really good efforts from our level 7 below!


One day last Christmas, I was in Italy. I was with my family. It was raining and we were taking photos. We were in the city when suddenly, we heard a terrible noise. We went to the museum and we saw a horrible ghost in a long green dress. We felt scared and we ran to the house. Then, we cooked a chicken. In the end we told my friends about the ghost but they didn´t believe us!

By Lucia and Irene

One day I was in London with my best friend. It was cloudy. We were taking photos in a burned down house, when suddenly we heard a deathly sound. We went up and we saw two scary killer clowns looking at us. We began to run like two idiots. But, we managed to take a photo of the clowns. We showed them to the police, they said they were the top wanted theives of the country!

By Mario

One day we went to Warner in Madrid. We went with my friends. It was sunny. We were going on attractions when suddenly, we heard a horrible noise! We went to the hotel and we saw Darth Vader, he was wearing a black cap. He was practising with his laser shield. We felt scared so we went to my father, we told him, and in the end he believed us!

By Maria 


We hope you felt the element of surprise!

More next week!


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