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Get to know our teachers!

As we have now reached the halfway point of our term and all of our courses are in full swing, we thought it would be a great idea for you guys to get to know our teachers a little bit better!

Read on to find out about their likes and dislikes!



Hi, I’m Farhaad and I’m from London. I’ve lived in Córdoba for just over a year and I love it here. The relaxed siestas and boiling hot summers are totally different from the caffeine-fuelled, busy and bustling rush hours of my hometown. Before I moved to Spain I lived in China for four years.

I love doing art, especially drawing and painting, and currently have paintings up in two cafés in Córdoba! I’m also into writing songs and regularly play around Córdoba. My other passions are both sports: going to the gym and cycling. I’ve ridden my bike in the Sierra Morena as well as in the opposite direction to Espejó as well as to Almodóvar, and I plan to do some longer trips this year.

I look forward to seeing you in my class!



Although my nationality and mother tongue is British I have lived most of my life on the beautiful Greek ionian island of Lefkada. My upbringing gave me an insight into different cultures, this sparked my interest for traveling and exploring from a  young age.
I love nature and the outdoors, for me there is no better way to relax and decompress from city life than going for a walk or a hike in the countryside.
I’m always up for trying something new be it an exotic local dish, a sport I haven’t tried before or simple taking a different road to work, you never know what you may learn or see along the way.

My hobbies include horse riding, going to the gym and riding my motorbike. I also enjoy baking and reading, I would always choose to do something active or creative rather than watching tv or playing video games. I am not a very big fan of social media or reality tv shows, I find them rather mind-numbing.



Hello everyone! My name is John, I am from the Capital of Scotland, Edinburgh. As well as teaching English I am also a Politics, Philosophy and Economics student. I also spent a year in Albacete teaching English as a foreign language. My passions include learning about different cultures and travelling, I have travelled all across Spain and Europe. My other passions include all things politics and history, exercise, football and of course language learning.



Hi, I’m Vikki and I’m from Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland. I love languages! I studied Spanish and French at university, and I’m also learning Italian and German too!

In my free time I enjoy going to the gym to do weightlifting, going for long walks and reading. I also love to travel and learn about new cities. I spent one year living in Albacete and during that year I visited 20 different towns and cities in Spain! Cordoba is definitely my favourite though!


We hoped you enjoyed reading about your new Hyde Park teachers this year!

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