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Global warming forum

This week Katie´s level 11 class have been discussing the very important issue of global warming. These days it is such a hot topic, so it´s essential that our students are able to talk about it in English.

Katie focused on speaking and reading skills by first teaching some vocabulary, then looking at a board from a forum in which global warming was being discussed. The students chose to agree or disagree with the statements, which in turn opened a debate in the class.

At the end of the class the students wrote their own entries for the forum, and this is what they came up with:


Global warming is our problem and we are causing this. The weather is changing, and in the future it will affect us negatively.


It´s true that climate change is real and global warming is destroying and changing some parts of the world. I think if everyone does their best and were greener, we could reduce or even stop global warming a bit.


Global warming is happening, now we have proof by looking at the weather. It can be sunny at 17:00 and at 19:00 it can be cloudy. I think this is only a period,but if we reduce pollution we can make it even shorter.


Climate change is a natural process, it happened before the ice age and was caused by carbon emissions which started in the industrial revolution. When we started to use fossil fuels, we accelerated the process. We can´t stop it, only reducing carbon emissions can make it slower again.


It is a real fact that global warming will kill all of the humans. So, you must start to recycle a bit more to stop killing African countries with droughts, Asian countries with floods and North America with hurricanes; all caused by your unhealthy attitude.


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