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If we built a world…

Last week Laura´s A2/B1 class were studying the second conditional. 

They talked about being able to build their own world and what they would include in it. The students came up with some fantastically imaginative texts which we would love to to share with you all!


If I built a world it would have lots of chameleons and rackets. The people would drink coconut milk because the world has a palm shape and all the things would be constructed with coconuts. The people would be potatoes, they would grow in the earth and when the potatoes were adults they leave the earth and would live the life until they were mashed by someone.

By Joaquin

If I had my planet, it would be very big. It would have lots of wild animals because I like them. I wouldn´t have gravity, so I could jump very high. In my world, I would be with my friends and my family. I wouldn´t have school and it would have chips that we can put in our heads and we would know everything. It wouldn´t have any pollution. I would have a very big mansión where I would have a plasma TV, a PS4 and a lot more things. My world wouldn´t be violent. I would have a very big zoo where I would have rare species. On my planet everyone would get up late and everyone would would go to bed when they wanted. Everyone would be rich. I would have a basketball stadium, too. My world would be very developed and I would have a very good mobile pone. I LOVE MY WORLD!!!!

By Pablo

If I built a world it would have a lot of trees , flowers , and animals. It would be special because it hasn’t got any rules or any politicians. It wouldn’t have pollution because it wouldn’t have cars , planes ,…In this world  there aren’t bad people, and guns aren’t allowed to be used. If this world existed it wouldn’t have money, all the things you need are free.

By Miguel

My world would be much bigger than the actual one. It would have lots of trees and animals because they are necessary. If I built a world, it would have a half for technologies and a half for nature and peace lovers. The technologies one would be crowded and very bright because of all the digital screen light. People might be much more intelligent and sociable than the other half. In the technologies half, you won´t have to pay with money; it´s all free. On the other side, there aren´t any digital mediums. Only a radio to listen to the news. Everybody would have a dog and a cat, and eat all the food that they wanted: meat, fishes, vegetables,… On the nature half only live old people, because they don’t want to have a busy life, and the young people prefer to be more socialised and discover new things that aren’t in the old people half.

By Cristina

If I built a world it would have a chocolate lake because I like chocolate, lots of youtubers, because with youtubers you can watch game plays of all games. Also it would have a lot of dogs ,because dogs are caring. If I built a world it would be amazing and incredible, it would be small, it would be very very colourful and it would have lots of animals like gorillas…. It would be like the United States because I like its buildings , roads… It would all be free, and you take food, computers, cars.. ALL FREE!!

This is my amazing world

By Jesús

If I built a world it would have plants and docile animals. It would have big, luxurious houses, like modern castles, modern mansions, modern chalets. It would have robots to do the housework and help the people. It wouldn´t have school, high school and university. It would have home schooling with a teacher in each house. It wouldn´t have politicians, hunters, killers, robbers… only good things. Mobile phones and all the expensive things would be cheap. The world would be amazing, relaxing, interesting, incredible… the best world!

By Gonzalo

Thanks for reading! We hope you enjoyed them!


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