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My bedroom by Melissa´s N8 class

Hi guys! 

We want to tell you all about our bedrooms at home, have a read and let us know what you think!


My bedroom is a bit small , it is really hot in summers evening but it is quite cozy.

There is a desk next to the bed , a bookcase with a lot of books and a wardrobe.

There are some photos and posters of Harry Potter on the walls.

I have got a small red rug , a clean mirror and there are curtains covering the window.

I haven´t got an armchair, however I have got a bed. I haven´t got an alarm clock but I set an alarm on my phone

In my room I study , I do my homework I read and I sleep.

My room is very confortable and colorful because the walls are blue.

I love my room because it has got light.

I dont mind that it is smaller than my sister´s room.

I hate that my wardrobe it a bit small.

By Carlota


My room is really big;

There is a big wardrobe and my bed,

There are some bookcases and windows,

I´ve got a small TV on my desk and my PS4.

I´ve also got some posters and photos.

I haven’t got a rug (Only in winter).

In my room I can see my high school because I live near.

I like my room because I think it is big and comfortable.

By Juan Carlos


My room is really big. There are some cushions. It has got green walls and the floor is white. There is a desk, two windows and  a black and white lamp.  I haven`t got a TV. My room has got two beds and really big bookshelf .

In my room I study.

My room is quite confortable and organized. I love my room because it is very beautiful.

By Borja


My room is big and really noisy. There is a bed and a window but there isn´t a TV. There are some chairs and a big table. I´ve got a rug, a wardrobe and a floor. I haven´t got any laptops or computers; however I have got a lamp. In my room I study and sometimes I use my mobile in it. I have some chest of drawers under the table and next to the door. I love my bedroom because it´s mine.

By Rafael


We hope you´ve enjoyed reading about our rooms! 

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