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What we might do in the future…

This week, Katie´s level 9 class have been thinking about their future! They have been practising using the word “might” to express their desires for what is yet to come.

Read on to find out more!


In the future I might study a degree and it might be veterinary, because I love animals. Especially dogs they are so cute and friendly, and especially loyal to their owner.

Or I´d like be an engineer, too. I think that is a good job. You get enough money and I like the machines.

You can work in a lot of sites with that degree and get money.



When I´m 18 I might have the driving license. I might prefer to live in another town or country. I might live in a flat or a house with my housemates. I might continue studying until university. Then, I might be a teacher and teach Maths from the college. I might get married and make a family. I might buy a house and a car. I might have a relaxing life with my family and my friends.



In the future, if I finish my studies with good grades, I might study the degree that I like. This degree is physiotherapy. I might go to study outside my city. When I finish my degree, I might work and go abroad too, to learn other languages and cultures. My friend and I have thought that we might work together in a clinic. I hope all these things are fulfilled.



In the future I´m going to study at a university. In the future I don´t know where I will live but I would like to live in Cordoba.

I like geography and I would not mind studying that. I also like maths, I´m very good at that.

In the future I could be a police officer that I like.


We hope you´ve enjoyed reading about our future hopes!

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